We are so blessed to have so many people supporting our ministries through prayer, donations and working along side of us in partnership. Here are some of their testimonials that they have shared.


Ms. Jane & Friends Gospel Ministries

Santa & Mrs. Claus are true servants of the Lord. Their servant’s heart and loving spirit make them a tremendous pleasure to serve with! They connected with the oldest and youngest in any event. Santa’s unique way of sharing the gospel with baby Jesus being the greatest gift. He and Mrs. Claus quote scriptures pointing everyone to the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  


Lisa Allen Truelove

Santa and Friends are always working for the Greater Good of our Community. From Nursing Home Ministry, to helping Hurricane displaced neighbors, helping clothe the Homeless, Debbie has a natural talent, working with all needs of the Community. I can say 100% of your Donations go to the need in our Community. Donations big or small are greatly appreciated.


Ken & Donna Compton

My husband and I have been blessed to know Santa and Mrs. Clause for 25+ years. Not only through friendship but through their ministry as well. From the very beginning of their work they made time to come and share their time with us at the church we were serving in. I will never forget the joy Santa brought to a dying man in his final week. Their ministry comes in many shapes and forms. Always being the vessel for God’s love. I pray that their ministry will continue to bless those that they touch!


Sherry Worrell

Baby Susie has been such a very special blessing for my Mama. The smiles that she shares with us and the joy that she has when she looks into the eyes of her baby are soooo very special. Thank you for sharing the love ❤️ of Jesus through this very special gift. Blessings to you and your ministry. ❤️❤️🌹🌹


Naomi boone

My name is Naomi Boone. I am 23 years old and here is my story/testimonial about Nana and Pop.   Where do I start? There is so much I could say it's almost like writing a book but that’s how big of a joy these two have been in my life. Let's go back to where it all started as Santa and Mrs Claus.  In the beginning it wasn’t just those two special roles in my life. Early on in my life before the Santa Ministries I first met them as being a baby and a patient at the practice where Mrs Claus worked. I believe it was for therapy and my speech. Later on as I continued to grow. i had difficulty with it in my early childhood development. When I would come to be seen with my loving grandmother the nurses would meet us at the door and fussed over who got to hold me first but a lot of times Nana won because she was the boss lol. This one year I remember to be such a blast because they took me and my grandmother to The North Pole and everything was so beautifully done and lit up.  Oh my all the Christmas trees and decorations.  I had a ball. Through the years they've showered both me and my son with lots of love and presents and the crib he has now they've given with lots of love with toys diapers and clothes.  They do more than just Christmas and give material gifts, they share the real meaning of Christmas and what God’s love is all about. I am forever grateful for all the things they have done for me my family and my son, and the beautiful things they do to pour out love into the surrounding communities as well.  God bless you Nana and Pop. I will always remember singing “Jesus Loves Me” with yall as a child.  That was a breakthrough moment for me and also a chance for this little light of mine to shine. I love yall.  The world definitely needs more sweet examples of God's love and grace like you two.  Thank you for always being there for me and this is my little story.


Donna Renee

Santa and Friends Ministries is the absolute best. Debbie and Jesse Cann are two amazing Godly people. They use their ministry to spread not only the word of God, but his work as well. In the years I’ve known them, they have touched so many lives. So many people have had the opportunity to hear about God’s love for them. They have both been in the highways and byways doing anything they could to help others. They have blessed less fortunate families. They have given supplies to homeless. They have put smiles on the faces of people in nursing homes and hospitals. They never take a break from doing the Lord’s work. You never see them without a big smile on their face. They don’t care how young or old you are, they will show love to all. I have seen them bless so many people in so many different ways. Santa and Friends Ministries is a blessing from God. I pray that they will be blessed for blessing others. I could go on and on about the good deeds I have been fortunate enough to either be a part of, or see them do. They have blessed my family more than once in times of need. The world is truly a better place because of their team.


Caitlin declue

I could never put into words just how special these two blessings are, Mr and Mrs Santa are beautiful people inside and out. As a mother to a child with Autism & sensory issues, standing in the line to see Santa at the Malls, have never been a option to us. They came to our house, visited my kids, where my oldest was most comfortable in his own environment and brought the magic of Christmas to my son, and even for a moment my son could just simply be a child, and that will forever leave a imprint on this mothers heart, and they have continued to be a blessing to my family each day since then. 
So if you ever ask me, Is Santa real, my answer will always be simply 'Yes, Cause Santa is Love, and I have truly found him in these two sweet special people. Thank you for everything you do and for being the hands and feet of Christ.

Wake Assisted Living (Anquenette Goodman)

Santa and Friends were a blessing to me and The Wake Assisted Living Family not only did they come out to be Mr. and Mrs. Claus they returned in April with the Easter Bunny. They are so wonderful we can hardly wait until December so we can see them again